Larry Niven's Known Space novels and stories

Many of Larry Niven's best and most famous works are set in one cohesive invented universe, "Known Space", with a long duration internal chronology. His stories and novels can be read in this chronological order, though they need not be. However, knowing the chronological reading order may help explain certain events and add to the a reader's enjoyment. In the table below, novels are shown in bold, as are the first instance of each book collection of stories.

Title Year Set Story Collected In
The Coldest Place 1976 Tales of Known Space
Becalmed In Hell 1977 Tales of Known Space
Wait it Out 1989 Tales of Known Space
Eye of an Octopus 1996 Tales of Known Space
How the Heroes Die 2040 Tales of Known Space
The Jigsaw Man 2099 Tales of Known Space
The World of Ptavvs 2106
At the Bottom of a Hole 2112 Tales of Known Space
Intent to Deceive 2113 Tales of Known Space
Death by Ecstasy 2123 Flatlander
The Defenseless Dead 2124 Flatlander
ARM 2126 Flatlander
The Patchwork Girl 2126 Flatlander
The Woman in Del Rey Crater 2127 Flatlander
Cloak of Anarchy 2135 Tales of Known Space
Protector 2125-2361
The Warriors 2360 The Man-Kzin Wars
A Gift from Earth 2325-2343
Man Kzin Wars, Volumes I-XV  2367-2420
Madness has its Place 2375-2384 N-Space
The Ethics of Madness 2425 Tales of Known Space
Neutron Star 2462 Neutron Star & Crashlander
Procrustes 2560 Crashlander
A Relic of Empire 2645 Neutron Star
At the Core 2646 Neutron Star & Crashlander
Flatlander 2646 Neutron Star & Crashlander
The Handicapped 2647 Neutron Star
Grendel 2648 Neutron Star  & Crashlander
The Borderland of Sol 2650 Tales of Known Space  & Crashlander
Fleet of Worlds 2650
Juggler of Worlds 2637-2660
Ghost 2658 Crashlander
The Soft Weapon 2658 Neutron Star
Destroyer of Worlds 2675
Betrayer of Worlds 2675
There is a Tide 2830 Tales of Known Space
Ringworld 2850
The Ringworld Engineers 2871
The Ringworld Throne 2882
Ringworld's Children 2893
Fate of Worlds 2893
Safe at Any Speed 3100 Tales of Known Space