Eric Flint's 1632-verse Books 

Eric Flint started his 1632 series with the novel 1632, published in 2000. Since then, the alternative history series has been expanded to include 6 further 'mainline' novels by Flint (with two co-authored with David Weber) and over 20 additional novels that run in parallel multi-book story arcs, alongside the mainline novels. This makes 1632 a mozaic series with quite a complex structure. I've read several of these novels and they are great fun, well written and very educational, as the history of the era is very well researched.

The graphic shows an estimated 'best' reading order for the 1632 books, going from top to bottom. The "main sequence" books are i on the left in blue. Other books within certain story arcs are in the same colour as each other (e.g. the papal/Italian books are in green).  If you wish to skip certain story arcs, you can do so, therefore, but you'll find it harder to follow if you skip main sequence books. The numbers below each book are the relative rating scores obtained from Goodreads on the day I collated the chart (Mid-2021).