Brian Aldiss

Brian W. Aldiss (1925 - 2017) was a writer of considerable literary talent, famous for his SF, his poetry and for award-winning SF anthologies.  Aldiss was heavily involved in the development of SF, especially in the UK, holding positions as vice-president of the international H. G. Wells Society and (along with Harry Harrison) co-president of the Birmingham Science Fiction Group. He received many awards in his writing career and was a key figure in the rise of the SF 'new wave' in the 1960's.

Major SF Awards Won
1962  Hugo Award for Best Short Fiction - The Long Afternoon of Earth (variant of Hothouse)
1966  Nebula Award for Best Novella - The Saliva Tree
1969  Ditmar Award for Best Contemporary Writer of Science Fiction
1971  BSFA Award for Best Novel - The Moment of Eclipse
1973  BSFA Special Award - Billion Year Spree 
1982  BSFA Award for Best Novel - Helliconia Spring 
1983  Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel - Helliconia Spring 
1985  BSFA Award for Best Novel - Helliconia Winter 
1987  Hugo Award for Best Non-Fiction Book - Trillion Year Spree: The History of Science Fiction 
1990  Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature
2000  Nebula SFWA Grand Master Award
2004  First Fandom Hall of Fame Award
2005  Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to literature
2007  BSFA Fiftieth Anniversary Award: Best Novel of 1958 - Non-Stop
2008  Honorary Doctorate - University of Liverpool
2013  World Fantasy Convention Award


SF Novels
Non-Stop (1958) - great novel set on a generational starship 
The Interpreter (1960) - Alternative title: Bow Down to Nul
The Primal Urge (1961)
Hothouse (1962) - magnificent novel; part SF, part fantasy on a far-future Earth
Greybeard (1964) - terrific dystopian novel in which children cannot be born
The Dark Light Years (1964) - e njoyable short novel about ugly aliens
Earthworks (1965)
An Age (1967)
Report on Probability A (1968)
Barefoot in the Head (1969)
Frankenstein Unbound (1973) 
The Eighty Minute Hour (1974) 
The Malacia Tapestry (1976) 
Brothers of the Head (1977) 
Enemies of the System (1978) 
Moreau's Other Island (1980) 
Helliconia Spring (1982) - first book in Aldiss' great SF trilogy 
Helliconia Summer (1983) - continuing Helliconia trilogy
Helliconia Winter (1985) - Helliconia concludes
The Year Before Yesterday (1987)
Dracula Unbound (1990) 
White Mars (1999) - with Roger Penrose
Super-State (2002) 
Affairs at Hampden Ferrers (2004) 
Sanity and the Lady (2005) 
Jocasta (2006) 
HARM (2007) 
Walcot (2010)
Finches of Mars (2012) - Aldiss' last SF novel

Non-Genre Novels
The Brightfount Diaries (1955) 
The Male Response (1961) 
The Hand-Reared Boy (1970) - Horatio Stubbs saga
A Soldier Erect (1971) - Horatio Stubbs saga
A Rude Awakening (1978) - Horatio Stubbs saga
Life in the West (1980) - first in Squire Quartet series
Ruins (1987) - chapbook 
Forgotten Life (1988) - second in Squire Quartet series
Remembrance Day (1993) - third in Squire Quartet series
Somewhere East of Life (1994) - fourth in Squire Quartet series
The Cretan Teat (2002) 
Comfort Zone (2013)

Anthologies and Non-Fiction SF Books
Best SF: Series (Ed. with Harry Harrison) - ran from 1967 through to Best SF: 1975
Decade: The 1940's (Ed. with Harry Harrison) - also Decade: The 1950's and 1960's
Penguin Science Fiction Omnibus (1973) - great anthology
The Shape of Further Things (1970) - non-fiction
Billion Year Spree (1973) - non-fiction; history of SF
SF Horizons (1975) - non-fiction, with Harry Harrison 
Trillion Year Spree: The History of Science Fiction (1986) - with David Wingrove