Alan Dean Foster

Alan Dean Foster (b. 18th November 1946) has been writing and publishing SF since the early 1970's and is well known for many of his own original SFF series, as well as being known as probably the world's foremost writer of SF film novelisations, including the original Star Wars novel (which he ghost-wrote and credited to George Lucas). For his film tie-in work, he was awarded the 2008 Grand Master award by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers.  "ADF" is one of my favourite writers, as he writes with an easy, smooth, and direct style, reliably producing entertaining, insightful, imaginative fiction.  Many of his works place the alien environment and ecology upfront as an added 'character' in the book, allowing him the opportunity to explore the impact and reliance of the human (or alien) protagonists on their environment.

Visit Alan Dean Foster's official website for much more information and regular updates from Alan himself: link here.

News: In November 2020, a press conference was held by SFWA in support of Alan. Since acquiring the rights to both his old Star Wars novels and more recently his Alien novels, Disney had not been paying Alan any royalties for the books, in contravention of his contract. Bizarrely, Disney claimed they acquired the rights to the books, but not obligations to pay royalties. 
Alan provided an update on his website in May 2021, in which he noted the issue had been resolved.


Pip and Flinx
The Tar-Aiym Krang (1972) 
Bloodhype (1973) 
Orphan Star (1977) 
The End of the Matter (1977) 
For Love of Mother-Not (1983) 
Flinx in Flux (1988) 
Mid-Flinx (1995) 
Reunion (2001) 
Flinx's Folly (2003) 
Sliding Scales (2004)
Running from the Deity (2005) 
Trouble Magnet (2006) 
Patrimony (2007) 
Flinx Transcendent (2009) 
Strange Music (2017) 

Icerigger Trilogy 
Icerigger (1974) 
Mission to Moulokin (1979) 
The Deluge Drivers (1987)   

Humanx Commonwealth 
Midworld (1975) 
Cachalot (1980) 
Nor Crystal Tears (1982) 
Voyage to the City of the Dead (1984) 
Sentenced to Prism (1985) 
The Howling Stones (1997) 
Drowning World (2003) 
Quofum (2008) 
Secretions (forthcoming)  

Founding of the Commonwealth 
Phylogenesis (1999) 
Dirge (2000) 
Diuturnity's Dawn (2002)   

It should be noted that all the Humanx Commonwealth books, the Pip & Flinx books, Icerigger books and Founding of the Commonwealth books are set within the same fictional universe. To see the 'correct' reading order of all the books according to internal chronology, click this link.

Spellsinger Series 
Spellsinger (1983) 
The Hour of the Gate (1984) 
The Day of the Dissonance (1984) 
The Moment of the Magician (1984) 
The Paths of the Perambulator (1985) 
The Time of the Transference (1986) 
Son of Spellsinger (1993) 
Chorus Skating (1994) 

The Damned Trilogy 
A Call to Arms (1991) 
The False Mirror (1992) 
The Spoils of War (1993)     

Dinotopia Universe 
Dinotopia Lost (1996) 
The Hand of Dinotopia (1997)     

Journeys of the Catechist 
Carnivores of Light and Darkness (1998) 
Into the Thinking Kingdoms (1999) 
A Triumph of Souls (2000)

Montezuma Strip 
Montezuma Strip (1995) 
The Mocking Program (2002)

The Taken trilogy 
Lost and Found (2004) 
The Light-Years Beneath My Feet (2005) 
The Candle of Distant Earth (2005)     

The Tipping Point trilogy 
The Human Blend (2010) 
Body, Inc. (2012) 
The Sum of Her Parts (2012)

Short Story Collections

 With Friends Like These ... (1977) 
... Who Needs Enemies? (1984) 
The Metrognome and Other Stories (1990) 
Mad Amos (1996) 
Impossible Places (2002) 
Exceptions to Reality (2008) 
Mad Amos Malone: The Complete Stories (2018)
The Flavors of Other Worlds (2019) 
The Taste of Different Dimensions (2019)

Movie & TV Novelizations and Tie-Ins 

Standalone Novels 

The Man Who Used the Universe (1983) 
The I Inside (1984) 
Slipt (1984) 
Into the Out Of (1986) 
Glory Lane (1987) 
Maori (1988) 
To the Vanishing Point (1988) 
Quozl (1989) 
Cyber Way (1990) 
Cat-a-lyst (1991) 
Codgerspace (1992) 
Greenthieves (1994) 
Design for Great-Day (1995) w/ Eric Frank Russell 
Life Form (1995) 
Voyage of the Basset (1996) 
Jed the Dead (1997) 
Parallelities (1998) 
Interlopers (2001) 
Kingdoms of Light (2001) 
Sagramanda (2006) 
Oshenerth (2015) 
The Deavys (2016)
Relic (2018) 
Madrenga (2020) 
Prodigals (2022) 

Star Trek Log One (1974) 
Star Trek Log Two (1974) 
Star Trek Log Three (1975) 
Star Trek Log Four (1975) 
Star Trek Log Five (1975) 
Star Trek Log Six (1976) 
Star Trek Log Seven (1976) 
Star Trek Log Eight (1976) 
Star Trek Log Nine (1977) 
Star Trek Log Ten (1978)   
Luana (1974) 
Dark Star (1974) 
Star Wars (1976) 
Splinter of the Mind's Eye (1978) 
The Black Hole (1979) 
Alien (1979) 
Clash of the Titans (1981) 
Outland (1981) 
The Thing (1981) 
Krull (1983) 
The Last Starfighter (1984) 
Shadowkeep (1984) 
Starman (1984) 
Aliens (1986) 
Alien Nation (1988) 
Alien 3 (1992) 
The Dig (1995) 
Star Wars: The Approaching Storm (2002) 
The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) 
Transformers (2007) 
Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday (2007) 
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) 
Transformers: The Veiled Threat (2009) 
Star Trek (2009) 
Terminator Salvation (2009) 
Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) 
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) 
Alien: Covenant (2017) 
Alien: Covenant - Origins (2017) 
Star Trek: The Unsettling Stars (2020) 

Non-Fiction Books

Predators I Have Known (2011)
The Director Should've Shot You (2020)