Ben Bova's Grand Tour Books

Ben Bova wrote a long series of novels and short stories all set within our solar system.  They are genrally of a high standard, and are enjoyable, recommended reads.  I've only read some of them, but plan to read more in due course. Mr Bova did not write them all in internal chronological sequence, but the 'correct' chronology, as suggested by the author, is as shown below.

Powersat (2005)
Privateers (1985)
Empire Builders (1993)
 (1992) - Excellent
Moonrise (1996) - The Moonbase Saga, book 1
Moonwar (1998) -  The Moonbase Saga, book 2
Return to Mars
The Precipice (2001) - The Asteroid Wars, book 1
Farside (2013)
Jupiter (2001)  - Very Good
The Rock Rats
 (2002) The Asteroid Wars, book 2
The Silent War (2004) The Asteroid Wars, book 3
The Aftermath (2007) The Asteroid Wars, book 4
Saturn (2002) - Weaker
Leviathans of Jupiter (2011)
Titan (2006) 
Mercury (2005) - Good
Mars Life (2008)
Venus (2000)
The Return (2009)
New Earth (2014)
    [Star Quest Sequence]
Uranus (2020) Outer Planets Trilogy, book 
Neptune (coming 2021) Outer Planets Trilogy, book 2

The short story collection Tales of the Grand Tour (2004) covers much of the time period of the novels.

The recent Star Quest series of books includes characters from the Grand Tour, but extends beyond the Solar System. Chronologically, these books take place between New Earth, and Uranus, and comprise:

Death Wave (2015) Star Quest Series, book 1
Apes and Angels (2016) Star Quest Series, book 2
Survival (2017) Star Quest Series, book 3
Earth (2019) Star Quest Series, book 4