Links to Interesting and Recommended SF Websites

SF Forums, Online Review Sites and Useful SF Resources

Internet Speculative Fiction Database - an amazing and highly valuable resource
Tangent - current SFF magazine reviews - I am a reviewer for Tangent
SFF Chronicles - an excellent (and world's busiest) SF and fantasy discussion forum 
SFF World - online magazine of SF, fantasy and horror news, reviews and interviews 
Nerds of a Feather - Hugo nominated SF webzine
Galactic Journey - travel back in time for reviews of everything related to SF, this month, 55 years ago 
Locus - Professional 30-time Hugo-winning SF, fantasy and horror web magazine
Baen Books - the latest news and future book releases from Baen   

Authors' Official Websites or Dedicated to Specific Authors

International Clifford D. Simak Bibliography - fantastic and exhaustive searchable bibliography
Alan Dean Foster's website - Alan's official website, with a news update every month and a forum
Alan Dean Foster Fan Forum - Alan's fan forum has moved from his website to tapatalk
Wave Without a Shore - C. J. Cherryh's official blog
The Universe of Larry Niven - official site with information on upcoming releases and a complete bibliography
George R. R. Martin's website - although most famous for Game of Thrones, Martin is a great SF writer with an interesting site and blog
Jack McDevitt's website - Jack's official website, with a regular blog, advice on writing, and book release updates
Stephen Baxter's website - containing not only lists and blurbs on Stephen's books and short stories but info on their genesis
Jeffrey A. Carver's website - contains a blog and other interesting information
Walter Jon William's website - with a well-maintained blog

Recommended SF Fan Blogs

File 770 - Mike Glyer's Hugo Award-winning news blog on SF Fandom
The Wertzone - Hugo-nominated SF fanzine from Adam Whitehead
Deep Dark Space - Recommended SF blog from Vincent Waciuk with in-depth book reviews
stephenpalmersf - SF-focussed blog run by Stephen Palmer, author of Memory Seed, Flowercrash, The Autist etc.

Speculative Short-Story Magazines

Analog Science Fiction - US pro SF magazine, still in print since 1930 and also available online, edited by Trevor Quachri
Asimov's Science Fiction - Founded in 1977, the other major US pro SF magazine, print and e-zine, edited by Sheila Williams
Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction - Founded in 1949, still in print and also e-zine, edited by Sheree RenĂ©e Thomas
Interzone - UK-based pro SF magazine - print and electronic - its future is currently uncertain
Clarkesworld - Online, award-winning pro magazine - very mixed in quality - edited by Neil Clarke
Strange Horizons - Online pro magazine - very 'PC' in its content, edited by Vanessa Rose Phin
Uncanny - Online pro magazine, very 'woke' and 'PC', edited by Lynne M. Thomas - Online 'PC' magazine of the SF book publisher Tor
Lightspeed Science Fiction & Fantasy - Online magazine, also part of the whole 'woke' collective, edited by John Joseph Adams
Galaxy's Edge - Pro SF magazine, in print and online, created by the late Mike Resnick
Escape Pod - Podcast SF site that publishes short fiction - also very 'PC'
Beneath Ceaseless Skies - Fantasy online magazine, i.e. not SF, but listed here for completeness
On-Spec - Canadian SFF magazine