Robert Silverberg

Robert Silverberg is one my favourite SF writers, and possibly my absolute favourite. Born in Brooklyn, New York he began submitting stories to science fiction magazines during his early teenage years. While at Columbia University, he wrote the juvenile novel Revolt on Alpha C (1955) and won a Hugo as the "best new writer" that year. From 1956 to 1959, Silverberg was highly prolific, publishing as many as five stories a month, and had over 80 stories published in 1958 alone.  However, by the mid-1960s, science fiction was becoming more serious and Frederik Pohl (editor of several SF magazines at the time), encouraged Silverberg to write less pulpy, more serious fiction - a freedom he very much capitlaised on. Over the next ten years Silverberg wrote and published many of his greatest works, both in short fiction, and in his many high quality novels of the time. 

Personal Recommendation
Robert Silverberg's Greatest SF Novels were published in a 'purple patch' decade from 1967-1976:
    Nightwings (1969)
    Downward to the Earth (1970) 
    Tower of Glass (1970) 
    The Second Trip (1971) 
    The World Inside (1971) 
    The Book of Skulls (1971) 
    A Time of Changes ( 1971)
    Dying Inside (1972) 
    The Stochastic Man (1975)  

Major Awards
Hugo Awards: Most Promising New Author (1956), Nightwings (Best Novella, 1969), Gilgamesh in the Outback (Best Novella, 1987), 
Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another (Best Novelette, 1990) 
Nebula Awards: "Passengers" (Best Short Story, 1969), A Time of Changes (Best Novel, 1971), Good News from the Vatican (Best Short Story, 1971), Born with the Dead (Best Novella, 1974), Sailing to Byzantium (Best Novella, 1985)
Damon Knight Grand Master Award (2003)

Robert Silverberg Annotated Bibliography

Early Writing Career - The Pulp Years
Revolt on Alpha C (1955) 
The 13th Immortal (1956) 
Master of Life and Death (1957) 
The Shrouded Planet, with Randall Garrett, as Robert Randall (1957) 
Invaders from Earth (1958) 
Lest We Forget Thee, Earth (1958), as Calvin M. Knox 
Stepsons of Terra (1958) 
Aliens from Space (1958) 
Invisible Barriers (1958) 
Starhaven (1958) 
Starman's Quest (1958) 
The Plot Against Earth (1959) 
The Dawning Light, with Randall Garrett, as Robert Randall (1959) 
The Planet Killers (1959) 
Lost Race of Mars (1960) 
Collision Course (1961)
The Seed of Earth (1962) 
Recalled to Life (1962) - Better than many others in this period 
The Silent Invaders (1963) - this is actually a fun read, though Silverberg admits he can't even remember writing it, in his 1976 introduction!
Time of the Great Freeze (1964) 
Regan's Planet (1964) 
One of Our Asteroids is Missing (1964) 
Conquerors from the Darkness (1965) 
The Gate of Worlds (1980) 
Planet of Death (1967)

Mature Writing from 1967-1976

Those Who Watch (1967)
Thorns (1967) - Nebula Award nominee, 1967; Hugo Award nominee, 1968 
The Time Hoppers (1967) 
To Open the Sky (1967) 
Hawksbill Station (1968) - Nebula nominee, 1968
The Masks of Time (1968) - a good book, very enjoyable
Across a Billion Years (1969) 
The Man in the Maze (1969) 
To Live Again (1969) 
Up the Line (1969) - Nebula Award nominee, 1969; Hugo Award nominee, 1970
Nightwings (1969) - Incorporates the novella Nightwings, which won a Hugo in 1969
Downward to the Earth (1970) - Locus SF nominated, 1971 - excellent
World's Fair 1992 (1970) 
Three Survived (1969) - novella, published alone
Tower of Glass (1970) - Nebula Award nominee, 1970; Hugo and Locus SF nominee, 1971
Son of Man (1971)
The Second Trip (1971) - this is a great read, one of his best for shear entertainment
The World Inside (1971) - Hugo nominated, 1972
A Time of Changes (1971) - Nebula winner, 1972; Hugo and Locus SF nominee, 1972
The Book of Skulls (1971) - Nebula Award nominee, 1972; Hugo and Locus SF Award nominee, 1973
Dying Inside (1972) - Nebula Award nominee, 1972; Hugo and Locus SF Awards nominee, 1973 - one of the all-time classics
The Stochastic Man (1975) - Nebula Award nominee, 1975; Hugo & Locus SF Awards nominee, 1976 - possibly my favourite Silverberg
Shadrach in the Furnace (1976) - Nebula nominee, 1976; Hugo nominee, 1977

Later Career and the Majipoor Books
Lord Valentine's Castle (1980) - Majipoor series - Locus SF Award winner and Hugo nominee, 1981  
Majipoor Chronicles (1982) - Majipoor series - linked short stories in Majipoor
Valentine Pontifex (1983) - Majipoor series
Lord of Darkness (1983) 
Gilgamesh the King (1984) 
Tom O'Bedlam (1985) 
Star of Gypsies (1986) 
At Winter's End (1988) 
Project Pendulum (1989)
Letters From Atlantis (1990) 
The New Springtime (1990) 
To the Land of the Living (1990) 
Nightfall (1990) with Isaac Asimov 
Thebes of the Hundred Gates (1991) 
The Face of the Waters (1991) 
Child of Time (1991) with Isaac Asimov 
Kingdoms of the Wall (1992) 
The Positronic Man (1992) with Isaac Asimov 
Hot Sky at Midnight (1994) 
The Mountains of Majipoor (1995) - Majipoor series
Starborne (1996) 
Sorcerers of Majipoor (1997) - Majipoor series
The Alien Years (1998) - Locus SF nominee, 1999
Lord Prestimion (1999) - Majipoor series
King of Dreams (2001) - Majipoor series
The Longest Way Home (2002) 
Roma Eterna (2003) 

Short Story Collections 
Next Stop, the Stars (1962) 
Godling, Go Home (1964) 
Needle in a Timestack (1966) 
The Calibrated Alligator (1969) 
Dimension Thirteen (1969) 
The Cube Root of Uncertainty (1970) 
Parsecs and Parables (1973) 
Moonferns & Starsongs (1971) 
The Reality Trip and Other Implausibilities (1972) 
Valley Beyond Time (1973) 
Earth's Other Shadow 1973) 
Unfamiliar Territory (1973) 
The Feast of St. Dionysus: Five Science Fiction Stories (1975) 
Sunrise on Mercury (1975) 
Capricorn Games (1976) 
The Best of Robert Silverberg (1976) 
The Shores of Tomorrow (1976) 
World of a Thousand Colors (1982) 
The Conglomeroid Cocktail Party (1984) 
Beyond the Safe Zone (1986) 
Pluto in the Morning Light (1992) 
The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg: Secret Sharers (1992) 
Phases of the Moon (2004) - an excllent collection of Silverberg's best short SF
In the Beginning: Tales from the Pulp Era (2006) 
To Be Continued: The Collected Stories Volume 1, 1953-58 (2006) 
To the Dark Star: The Collected Stories Volume 2, 1962-69 (2007)   
Something Wild Is Loose: The Collected Stories Volume 3, 1969-72 (2008) 
Trips: The Collected Stories Volume 4, 1972-73 (2009) 
The Palace at Midnight: The Collected Stories Volume 5, 1980-82 (2010) 
Multiples: The Collected Stories Volume 6, 1983-87 (2011) 
We Are for the Dark: The Collected Stories Volume 7, 1987-90 (2012) 
Hot Times in Magma City: The Collected Stories Volume 8, 1990-95 (2013) 
The Millennium Express: The Collected Stories Volume 9, 1995-2009 (2014)