Wild Cards, Edited by George R. R. Martin

Before he began his epic fantasy series A Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin had made a very significant name for himself as a multiple Hugo award-winning science fiction writer, of mainly short stories, and also as the originator of the SF superhero universe Wild Cards. In the mid-1980's Martin ran a superhero role-playing game and in it he invented a scenario by which an alien virus infected the Earth, killing 90% of those it infected, turning 9% into awful mutants (Jokers) and the remaining 1% into superheroes with varied powers (Aces). In 1986 he arrnaged for the scenario to be written by himself and several writing colleagues, and the Wild Cards books series was born. With the first volume, Wild Cards I, the story unfolds from 1946 (the date of viral infection) though to the 1980's. The books are either collections of linked short-stories, or are mosaic novels written by a cast of regular Wild Cards writers. The writers, comprising the Wild Cards Trust have to date included many excellent SF writers, including George R. R. Martin, Roger Zelazny, Melinda Snodgrass, Walter Jon Williams, Pat Cadigan, David D. Levine, Carrie Vaughn, Daniel Abraham, Charles Stross, Max Gladstone, and Stephen Leigh.

Wild Card Trust Authors

George R. R. MartinEdited all books, contributed to 8 books – The big name on the covers 
Melinda M. SnodgrassCo-editor with GRRM, contributed to 21 booksStar Trek screenwriter & SF novelist 
Stephen LeighContributed to 17 books – SF author who also publishes under the name S. L. Farrell 
John J. MillerContributed to 17 books 
Victor MilànContributed to 14 books – SF writer, died 2018 age 63 
Walton SimonsContributed to 9 books 
Walter Jon WilliamsContributed to 7 books – Notable SF writer, author of the Praxis series 
Kevin Andrew MurphyContributed to 7 books 
Michael CassuttContributed to 6 books – TV producer and screenwriter, and SF story writer 
Caroline SpectorContributed to 6 books – SF, fantasy, and gaming book writer 
Lewis ShinerContributed to 5 books – SF, cyberpunk and mainstream novel writer 
Carrie VaughnContributed to 5 books – SFF writer, author of the Kitty Norville urban fantasy series 
Leanne C. HarperContributed to 5 books 
Roger ZelaznyContributed to 4 books – A giant of the SF genre, multiple Hugo and Nebula winner; died 1995 
Edward BryantContributed to 4 books – Respected SF writer, esp. of short stories; died 2017 
Ian TregillisContributed to 4 books – Author of the Milkwood Tryptich and other books 
David Anthony DurhamContributed to 4 books - Won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 2009 
David D. LevineContributed to 3 books – Won the Hugo for best short story, 2006 
William F. WuContributed to 3 books – Penned books in Asimov’s Robot Universe 
Daniel Abraham Contributed to 3 books – Co-Author of award-winning Expanse SF series (as by S. A. Corey) 
Paul CornellContributed to 3 books – Best known for his Dr Who books 
Mary Anne MohanrajContributed to 3 books – Sri-Lankan-American novelist 
Peter NewmanContributed to 3 books – English fantasy writer; husband of Emma Newman (below) 
Pat CadiganContributed to 2 books – Significant writer in the SF genre, best known for her excellent short stories 
Laura J. MixonContributed to 2 books - Won the 2015 Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer 
Sage WalkerContributed to 2 books 
Cherie PriestContributed to 2 books – Noted SF, steampunk and horror writer 
Marko KloosContributed to 2 books – German author of the Frontlines military SF series 
Peadar Ò GuilinContributed to 2 books – Irish novelist 
Howard WaldropContributed to 1 book 
Gail Gerstner-MillerContributed to 1 book – Wife of John J. Miller (played in GRRM’s Wild Cards RPG in 1980’s) 
Arthur Byron CoverContributed to 1 book – First short-story sale to Harlan Ellison's The Last Dangerous Visions
Chris ClaremontContributed to 1 book – Best known as a comic book writer (e.g. co-creator of X-men) 
Ty FranckContributed to 1 book – Co-Author of Expanse SF series (as by S. A. Corey) 
Diana RowlandContributed to 1 book – Urban fantasy writer (e.g. Kara Gillian series) 
Saladin AhmedContributed to 1 bookEisner Award winning comic book and SFF writer 
Christopher RoweContributed to 1 book 
Max GladstoneContributed to 1 book – Upcoming and Hugo Award-winning fantasy author 
Mark LawrenceContributed to 1 book – Fantasy author, best known for Emperor of Thorns series 
Emma NewmanContributed to 1 book – Wife of Peter Newman (above) 
Charles StrossContributed to 1 book – Highly successful and award-winning SF writer (e.g. Laundry Files